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They are now moving to a new service, and my phone, Moto E4, isn't compatible. None of my phones that I have are compatible with it, either.


I have used Twigby for ~3 years now, and haven't had any issues.


Here are their phones:


I do not know what phones are able to "bring your own phone". None of mine are compatible..


BUT, is there any phone out of the link above, that are halfway decent phones? (No apples, please) Or are they all crap?

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Out of those limited phones...I would probably go for either the Samsung A02 or A12 or the Moto E.  The S9 is probably the best phone out of the lot...but it is old and support will probably drop within a year.


No idea about the Nuu or TCL.  The Pixel is no longer supported.


None of them are really appealing though....

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