Track another Android Phone?


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This is where the iOS implimentation of "family" seems a lot easier :/


Is there a way I can track another android phone without any special apps?

My wife and I want to be able to track each other - not for anything dodgy but more for safety.

I would like to think Google has some sort of "family" feature that can enable this?


A family member was showing me how the Apple system works with this sort of thing and I was impressed.  If his Son wants to download an app, it asks the parent first who can approve or deny.  They can set time limits for games, and alternate time limits for other apps as well as track the phone easily, among other things.


Does Android have something like this?



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On 29/09/2021 at 14:12, Sir Topham Hatt said:

I'll take a look at these.

Shame they're not just in the same app.

They are. Sort of. You would set up Family Link (the second URL) and then you could use Google Assistant to ask something like "Hey Google, where is my partner?" But if you don't use the voice assistant you would just go into Family Link.

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