How to make it easier to recover your files, programs, passwords, bookmarks, etc.


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I have a pc that burned the motherboard, and I couldn't put the hd on another pc to boot, I just put it as a secondary and copy the files, at least I was able to recover the files, because the motherboard died, but the hd kept working.


Examples: If the motherboard burns, usually you will have to buy another motherboard the same for the hd to work or have and or make backup. In case the main ssd of the system burns, it is generally good to have all your files copied in one hd, and even another one kept as a backup in the closet.


How to facilitate the recovery and backup of files from the hd, and if the main ssd or hd is with programs, settings, bookmarks and browser passwords. In case it burns, it's good to have a clone and backup.




It seems like it's good to always have another pc or notebook with the same programs, passwords and bookmarks. In case one device burns out, there is another one to continue the work. And what to burn how to recover or buy another?

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All the big browsers have their own syncing mechanisms, so keeping bookmarks.  There are many password managers that sync passwords (besides the browsers).  As for programs, you would just need to backup to external hard drive.    You don't have to buy the same motherboard in most cases.  It can be different and Windows will recognize the change.


Many ways to do computer backups.  Both free and paid.  I use Macrium Reflect for free, or Acronis for paid option and one-offs at work.

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