AT&T and Xiaomi/Redmi 5G


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Okay... thanks to moving forward in tech, AT&T is dropping almost any phone they deem unfit for this new tech.


I have the Redmi Note Pro 8, and she ran like a dream.. had no issues with it. The "free" phone (an Android based Samsung A12), I've loving tagged it my "Samsung POS", just doesn't compare.


So... my question to all you here, do any of you have a newer Redmi or Xiaomi phone on their 5G network? I'm looking into the Redmi Note Pro 10 5G, and she fits all the specs for the price range.


Reason I am asking, is, if you go to their store.. and they hand you the list of phones that will work on the newer network, there is no listings for Xiaomi or Redmi. Probably due to the fact that the Chinese company has had issues dealing with the US, but it didn't stop my previous phone from working. It's just that AT&T doesn't have a list of Xiaomi's newest offerings.


Thanks everyone. :)

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I was curious about this myself, so I looked through several different websites to see if I could determine which bands AT&T has licenses for, and as best as I can tell, here are their 5G frequency bands of radio spectrum:



Name of band | Frequency      | Type of band   | Speed     | Comment


n2           | 1.9 GHz        | mid-band (PCS) | ?         | acquired, not yet active?
n5           | 850 MHz        | low-band       | 59.3 Mbps | primarily for consumers
n77          | 3.7 GHz        | mid-band(?)    | ?         | acquired, not yet active?
n260         | 39 GHz         | high-band      | 3 Gbps    | limited availability
n261         | 27.5-28.35 GHz | high-band      | ?         | ?


Low-band means sub-1GHz frequencies and are going to have the best signal strength, but least amount of bandwidth.  Mid-band (1.7-2.5 GHz) offers a balance between signal strength and bandwidth, and is used mostly in Europe.   High-band (24 Ghz+), aka mmWave are the ultra-fast speeds that carriers like to brag about; they also require higher antenna densities.


This does not seem to have anything to do with Xiaomi or Redmi being Chinese companies, and more to do with what frequencies AT&T has been allocated.  Given that list (which I really would suggest double-checking with AT&T), you would want to find a phone that supports the n5 and n260 bands at a minimum, plus any of the other above-listed ones as well.




Aryeh Goretsky




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