Pixel 6 max shutter speed 3rd party apps.

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I am debating on getting a Pixel 6 pro but this question would also apply to pixel 6. I take lots of photos at night of stars with a tripod and so the LG and Samsung phones appealed to me cause they have a pro/manual camera mode that can change the settings such as ISO and shutter speed all the way to 30 seconds. The pixel series uses googles AI to take most photos so their is no manual/pro mode in the camera app BUT for taking pictures of stars it has a special astrophotography mode and while that is great I prefer to not realy on AI and change settings manually and shutter speed.

I was thinking I could download a 3rd party camera app to do this but I do not have my hands on a pixel so I have no way of testing this and a simple google search does not reveal results as this is a niche thing.

Anyone have a pixel and can download a free pro camera manual app and let me know what is the max seconds time of shutter speed on pixel 6?


PS. I like the pixel in general seems to take good photos. I always went with LG but they are no longer making smart phones now. In the US everyone always has either iphone or samsung and I want to be different so thinking Pixel 6 would be a nice choiceo but if I can not go past 10 second shutter speed then its a deal breaker for me. 

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Thanks for your response. I tried google searches but nothing came up at least your results found something . Yes I do not have a reddit account I will probably make one in the near future. Neowin has always helped me in the past even before the days of reddit. Bummer limited to 8.3 seconds a user posted there on the link. Another one confirmed. Would of definitely gotton the pixel 6 pro over Samsung Ultra S21 . With LG gone not much pro flag ships brands left. 


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