Microsoft teases Windows 7 Aero-like design for Windows 11


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Microsoft teases Windows 7 Aero-like design for Windows 11




With the release of Windows 8 and its successor Windows 10, Microsoft dropped support for rounded corners and Aero Glass for a more flat and neutral coloured UI.


Windows 11 has already added back support for rounded corners and it looks like the next major update is set to introduce a new design feature that will be slightly similar to the Aero effect from the days of Windows 7.


Transparent title bars for classic windows apps will be making a comeback, representing a change of aesthetic for the Windows operating system. Microsoft wants to update the top-level windows and app pop-ups with a touch of a new transparency effect, which could be Acrylic or new material.


At the moment, implementation of the Mica (which is a new type of transparency effect) is left up to developers, so we only have the Mica effect in certain apps and the rest of the app windows have a simple design.





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