The votes are in! Two thirds of our readers want Windows 11 (and a new poll)

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Here are the results of the previous poll that was up for ages, but it's pretty clear that only a third haven't, or don't want to upgrade to Windows 11. Of course that may have changed for some people who actually upgraded and saw how "different" productivity flow is between Windows 10 and Windows 11.




Without further ado, here's the new poll:




Yes, we ask What is your main browser? But mainly due to the fact that we ran a story earlier this week in which we share that Edge has just passed double digits in market share in April 2022 :o As for our poll, I voted Chrome. I would have moved to Edge already if it handled media casting better, but it does not. Chromecast media to Android TV in Chrome is still superior to what Edge does. In the football (soccer for you yanks) I cast my team from a media subscription of iFollow (EFL) to my TV that allows me to watch the games on the big screen rather than through a browser or on my phone or tablet, and Edge does a poor job of it.


Feel free to discuss the above polls, but please do cast your vote in the side bar of our main page just under the Trending Stories block.

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I use edge. I was a big Firefox fan until I got a Chromecast, then I switched to Chrome so I could cast. Then I got an android TV box and used a YouTube on that more than casting. Then the first Edge Dev came out. It wasn't terrible. Been using it ever since.


The Bing integration on Edge, does make a person puke in their mouth a little, but most of that can be switched.

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I voted for Firefox as my main browser but use Edge just about as much. Sure do like the fact that Chrome is behind both those browsers on the poll so far! Must be people on this site are finally wising up about that Chrome NOT being such a great thing finally! ;)


As far as that previous poll, I had voted no plans to upgrade because none of my machines met the specs, but have since managed to install it on 2 of my computers and I do pretty much like it, so far.

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it's split for me. At home my primary browser is Edge now. At work my primary is Brave.

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