Quotes are now also ignored, and others expanded by default again, and more

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I have purchased an application that:

  • Ignores quotes from people you have chosen to ignore
  • Expands the quote by default again (max truncation is still only 7 lines).

In addition you may notice that there are more options on the Editor toolbar. I added some handy formatting buttons, including a super handy undo/redo.

I also changed the way the Enter key works, it now gives a new paragraph, which is mostly default everywhere. Shift + Enter will give you the old fashioned line break.

BBCODE is still enabled on Neowin.

Note: I had to reset the cache a couple of times until our forum themes updated, but it should be okay now.

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If you prefer the default method of truncated quotes, you can set that preference in your account settings https://www.neowin.net/forum/settings/quotes/

The community default is to fully expand quotes again, like it was before someone at Invision Power Board decided that quotes should be mostly hidden from view.

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