@NeowinBackup created thanks to @NeowinFeed lock out on Twitter

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This was repurposed from @NeowinMicrosoft which had around 800 followers and was frozen in 2018 thanks to Twitter's new rule about not allowing content to be automated to multiple self owned twitter accounts.

Right now @NeowinBackup is the backup for @NeowinFeed which was locked on Jan 1 thanks to me updating our profile and not thinking when I put Neowin's website creation date as our "birth date" (Oct 1 2000) which immediately locked our account because it was created in 2008 (under the age of 13). And thanks to Elon Musk decimating the workforce at Twitter, after two and a half weeks reactivating the account is still "progressing nicely".

Twitter Support has not replied to any of the tweets of course, and Twitter is one of those companies where you can't speak to a human on the phone to clear up this dumb mistake, so basically we will have to wait until their overworked staff eventually get to our request to reactivate our account, and even then I have to hope they have not decided to remove a bunch of followers (we had around 24K followers).

Not a great start to the year, but if you prefer to be updated by Twitter for our news, it is now here https://twitter.com/NeowinBackup

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