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The very reason of this project is to make Your life easy for a little bit thanks to efficient automation of daily routine.


For now, TAM makes possible to find files in whatever directory and run them with chosen viewers. hmmm.. yea, looks rather boring ain't it??? :)) well, let's look on some examples & details will show You how this "boring" feature can make Your life better.


So, actually we have hella number of files & we (in many cases) need to use regex to make searching through that endless damn heap efficient, but the most of us have no time to learn such stuff + regex software have some differences. 2nd moment, we need not just run files, but run them with different options. So, let's deal w/ example..

 python3 ./ -path0 "/tst"  -find_files -tmp_file "/tmp/tst02" -in_name ".mp3" -view_w "vlc --sout-x264-b-bias=-15" -view_w "smplayer"  -cols 2 -rows 15 -col_w 100 -in_name "some"

 -path0 sets folder to search stuff.

 -find_files activates function to search.

 -tmp_file sets tmp files (actually, the're two tmp files: in our case, /tmp/norm_tst02 & /tmp/err_tst02).

 -in_name sets keyword.

 -view_w sets viewer w/ options.

 -cols sets number of columns.

 -rows sets number of rows.

 -col_w sets width of column.


 This command forms table of found files, each file gets a number + we see list of viewers (each viewer has own key number too)..

 To run file, we write "<key number of viewer>  <key number of file>", then press Enter. for instance, "0 2" runs file (key number "2") w/ viewer (key number "0").

 Command "np" shows next page/table.

 "pp" - previous page.

 "go2  <number of page/table>"

 "0p" - 1st page.

 "lp" - last one.

 "fp  <key number of file>" shows full path to chosen file.

 ctrl + c to exit.

 Supported Platforms:

  So far, TAM has been tested only for Linux. However, theoretically this variant must work on FreeBSD, NetBSD & MacOS quite smoothly (but i don't guarantee it).

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Posted (edited)

i've run moderately huge reconstruction to add new functionality..


Tip of the day: «tam.rst -rilocan "sudo standby" -sleep "10m" -now» - this command allows to standby pc, if it was accidentally waken up + time of event gets on display.. other cmds can be run in the same way.

remark: "rilocan" stands for "Run it later or cancel now".


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So.. Shols. :)

Shol stands for "short link" & it's the damn One of Corner Stones to breathe new life into CLI. For now, TAM has gotten three types of shols..

  • ##{file's index}{hit Space} ==>> shol unwraps into full path immediately.
  • @@{file's indx}{press Space} ==>> shol keeps its compact form.
  • /write/path/to/Your/file {type "<<<"} ==> full path turns into shol.

Alt+- to switch betwixt shol/full paths. Please, Turn each manually written path to shol form, otherwise program fails to process paths.

E.g. ==>> term ls -lah 0##file1 1@@file2 @2@file3

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Tip of the day: use auto-completion in full power..

  • write an unique part of name: '/path/to/lm' will turn into '/path/to/films'.
  • {press Insert}{type file/dir's index}{hit Enter}. Remark: sometimes directory isn't changing, then {press /}.
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