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Project Mademoiselle Entropia [ UV ].

Extremely strong; maximally simple and relatively fast symmetric cipher.
How it works..

First key(Prime Key) is multiuse from one file to another; second (Included Key) is created for every time with generator of random numbers (W-Chaos in 1st version & Order of the Chaos for new ones); cipher uses IK to encrypt a file, & uses PK to inject IK (ciphered with PK) into cryptotext. by operations, it works so:

    1. to get IK from generator;
    2. to cipher file with IK;
    3. to cipher IK with PK;
    4. to inject/insert encrypted IK into cryptotext.

How to use..

    Build TAM with MAE: cargo build --features=mae.
    Within Console: sark0y_tam_rst -encrypt-copy /path/to/file; sark0y_tam_rst -decrypt-copy /path/to/file.mae
    Within TAM: encrypt copy /path/to/file. Remark: use sub-command {Insert}{no esc} to feed program with correct path.
    The way to integrate it in Your Project:

TAM with MAE:


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