Neowin mobile pages update (July 2023)

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Today we have started making some considerable changes and improvements to the mobile pages of Neowin

Main page (mobile)

  • Reduced the size of article thumbnails
  • Increased the font size of headlines (barely makes a difference in line height)
  • Added back summaries
  • Removed hr lines between articles
  • Fixed padding so it is uniform throughout

Screenshot_20230705_192353_Chrome.jpg image.jpeg

Before ---------------------------------------------------------------------> After

Article pages (mobile)

  • Drastically reduced the footprint of "Related stories" from 4x1 grid to 2x2 under articles
  • Drastically reduced size of "Join the conversation" above comments (this now links to an anchor for the full Join the conversation element under the comments).
  • Promo carousel was moved from above comments to below comments

Screenshot_20230729_144212_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20230729_144229_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20230729_144311_Chrome.jpg

Previously, if there were no comments, there would be two massive Join the conversation blocks.

We have more updates coming that require more work on the backend, once those are ready and pushed live, I will update.

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