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Yes and I hope I will do that again. I could hardly believe it myself, but I did.

But look at it this way, last game scores were 200, 160, 300 for triple of 660. Divided by 3 makes 220.

Another time 221, 179, 207 adds to 607, divide by 3 makes 202. That is the problem with my average,

I'm not bowling as you can say "constant". Not to mention that I was playing with a new set of balls that suits me better.

They are EPCO Viper II, 5", 3.12. I like them better than the ones I had before.

duckpin as in 3 balls per frame and you can get a 10?

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:rolleyes: Yeah, I've bowled ... kind of expensive anymore.

I usually get a strike or roll a gutter ball. Oh well ... Ima klutz.

LOL.. HUM.... I think you and I are on the same 'team'.....

I'm an idiot when it comes to bowling and usually end up hitting the person behind me, or cleaning out the gutters. I suck! :p

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That's not the ones I play. It's 2 balls per frame. Ten pins.

Oh okay, cause you were about to get owned....

I had all this typed out and posted but I thought maybe you got things mixed up so I posted the difference

I am not trying to call you a liar, but you are if you are not mistaking duckpin for 10 pin. Duckpin is smaller balls and pins and you get 3 turns. 10 pins is what you see on ESPN.

Now if you still say you are bowling duckpin then you are lying and doing a crappy job of it. I bowled duckpin for over 12 years and as I said was one of the best in the nation as a youth bowler. I averaged a 141 at my peak. My high game was a 227. There is a pro duckpin tour and the high average last time I was "in the know" was Donald Dove with a 152 average.

Now, no one has EVER bowled a 300 in duckpin. Highest game was 279 (don?t know who bowled it, he had a 9 in the first, spare in the 2nd, and strikes the rest of the game) but played in a tourney where it was bowled (T-Bowl in CT).

So, basically, I am sure you are mistaken 10 pins for duckpin

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The thing is that I don't know how the different type of bowling games get called. I'm french so there is two type of

bowling that I know. Bowling, big pins, ball with three holes in it. That' the one I look sometimes on ESPN. Small pins, like the ones I've show, and look on local TV channel here in Montreal. I would never lie to you guys... :no: :no: :no:

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oh come on, PG isnt that bad...wait wait, yes it is!! haha, i used to live about 2.5 hours west of PG in a smaller town called Burns Lake. now that was boring. here at least i can do things like bowling and go to local hardcore/punk shows. :)

my bro lives in pg, and i have friends in 150 mile, i'm up there about once a year :p

i like the southwest coast though, the mountains and ocean all right here :D

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