Microsoft to release IE configuration change


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On Friday, July 2, 2004, Microsoft is releasing a configuration change for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003, to address recent malicious attacks against Internet Explorer, also know as Download.Ject.

Windows customers are encouraged to apply this configuration change immediately to help be protected from current Internet Explorer exploits. The update is available on Windows Update.

Microsoft's guidance for consumers and enterprises is as follows:

Guidance for Consumers:


The configuration change will be delivered automatically for customers that have enabled automatic updates from Windows Update. The configuration change can also be obtained by manually visiting the Windows Update site at .

Guidance for Enterprise customers:


Enterprise customers are encouraged to review a Knowledge Base article for guidance on how to deploy the configuration change across their networks. The Knowledge Base article can be found at:

Enterprise customers can also download the configuration change from Microsoft's download center at:

* Customers who have installed Windows XP SP2 RC2 are already

protected from the Download.Ject exploit and do not need the


* This configuration change is a defense in depth measure which

disables an ActiveX control known as Disallowing

this functionality prevents an attacker from placing malicious

code on a PC hard drive and will prevent the Download.Ject attack.

* Customers can get more information about the Download.Ject attack,

how to be protected and how to get cleaned in the event of

infection at: .

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What is the prominent change that occurs with stalls or it closes or something like that?

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must be hitting hard... you almost feel sorry for Microsoft

And now Mozilla Firefox is the only solution for those who want to install yet another microsoft critical update! :devil:

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