[Gamers News] FreeSpace franchise vs. Derek Smart

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Infamous game developer Derek Smart has shown interest in purchasing the rights to the FreeSpace (also known as Descent Freespace) space-combat-sim franchise. FreeSpace 2 is still considered the benchmark of space combat sims, with it's glorious visual effects and dark plotlines.

The news has been both welcomed and met with horror from the FreeSpace community, who have already put a lot of effort into a new version of FS2 using the source code Volition (now owned by THQ) released last year. Smart's reputation among many users for arrogance and poor game design, deserved or otherwise, has resulted in a backlash unlike any seen in the community since Interplay and Volition split as working partners.

The initial post Derek made can be found here: http://forums.avault.com/cgi-bin/ultimateb...ic;f=3;t=005485 - where he attempted to get opinions of users of that forum.

Members of the fs2's largest surviving and active community (home to almost all the major mods and the source code project) reacted almost immediately in this thread, which Derek himself got involved in: http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~freespace/for...50&pagenumber=1

Other Links:

Hard Light Productions: http://www.3dap.com/hlp

The Source Code Project: http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~freespace/hlp...hp?cat=5&pro=24


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