Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Little 2 Late?

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Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Little 2 Late?

After a long wait, Microsoft?s much hyped Windows XP Service Pack 2 is finally out. Out to the beta testers on the Windows Beta website and is available for download to them. The file size of this monster of a service pack is said to be around 266 Megs! And Neowin has reported that pirated keys are working on the service pack.

More information would come out pretty soon as it goes public.

Now, talking of deadlines? What happened to the 250 Megs Hotmail Inboxes? Microsoft promised to the world that our hotmail accounts will become 250 Megs on July 4. They suggested the time period for the update to take place was around 2 weeks. More than a month, I am still on 2 Megs so are many people I know. The upgrades only reportedly started to happen around 2 August but are still not complete. Let?s hope, they do that pretty soon, because I really like my Beta GMail account.

Links: Screenshots | Order your CD


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