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Yeah, because macs have a taskbar and not a menubar at the top.  :rolleyes:

Anyways, enough about tha, here's my desktop, with a fresh wallpaper fromt he thread I made.  Glad it's been successful.


I see so many people using that wallpaper, would you mind posting it or PMing it to me? Thanks :D

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its still a work in progress

heres a screeny of what i have done so far.....




Could you please link to the VS, wallpaper , and the dock icons? Oh and PLEASE release that winamp skin soon :drool:


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ok, hopefully, this is my last update for the month... hopefully.

(Finally finished my samurize config! )

click the image


hit F5 if it looks like the earlier update.. (i just replaced the image)

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Hi people,

This is my first post....... here is my October Desktop !

Wallpaper: Energy Bliss (Windows Media Center's wallpaper)

VS: Opus Deep Blue

Iconpackager: Pastels

Winamp skin: Spirit

Rainlender : SimpleNote

Objectdock : Aero Weather, Halo HUD clock, WiFi Status


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Nice dt. I like the clean look :)

I too, use the Siro Firefox skin but I can't get the text to show clearly on the tabs. I tried to tweak the userchrome.css but it was futile. How did you make it work? Thanks.


sorry for the late reply, its hard to keep up with this kinda thread :p

just make sure you have all of the osx fonts installed, and in tbe turn on "use alternate appearance for firefox on osx" or whatever it is.. im sure that's all I did


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Hi alll :)

Here is mine for the end of october

I mixed it up with Kal's theme, windows X's theme, Cubiz's shell32, a few dll from jemaho pack...) THIS JUST a theme ... :happy: no Y'a toolbar on or something else ... only a theme modify with ResHack and PhotoFiltre

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Last one for the month as well. The wait for Halo 2 is driving me nuts.





Theme: Modded RoyaleFour (black and blue substyle)

Wall: Dropzone_Letterbox

Icons: Halo 2 related Avedesk pngs

Apps: Avedesk, tclock (for the start menu button)


link to that vs? :woot:

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The Milk Edition has been wiped out, I didn't know if you compile it into visual style, it actually overwrites your saved StyleBuilder file. I'll rebuild it though but won't know when exactly.

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