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I mixed it up with Kal's theme


Kal??? :blink: :huh: hehehe :D

Here's my curent Laptop's desktop :blink: :huh:

Theme: Slate by me

Icons: d3A and h3o by milo

Wallpaper: AeroFav by me

Yz Dock Background: Longhorn Glass by Stefanka


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She looks..lost..


I like a girl that doesn't care for the limelight,

and one who is able to sell music while keeping her closthes on...

Here's a better looking one: :happy: :wub:


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I few tweaks here and there to make Classic more useful.

ResHacker used to replace icons, bitmaps, menus, dialogs, ... to many to mention.

I one line VS to flatten menus.

Nothing on the desktop so I moved Control Panel and Trash Can into My Computer (if anyone knows of a way to make a Trash Can link in the Start Panel PM me).

... and so on.


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