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[College Football] BCS Bowls Announced


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Here are the bowls:

Fedex Orange: USC vs. Oklahoma

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Utah

Nokia Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Virginia Tech

Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. Texas

Thoughts about the BCS? I think its a joke that a good Cal team was left out, but Im not complaining that Texas is in (I live in Longhorn country). One thing is for sure, the Big East is a joke...Pitt doesnt deserve to be in the BCS.

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if the big east had lost their spot, and we added a third at large, then everything would be better. but still sucks for auburn, but thats what you get for scheduling several div 1AA teams in your OOC schedule.

i'm looking forward to going to the rosebowl. should be a really good matchup. i think mich has a good chance, since texas has something like the 110th ranked pass offense out of 117 teams. makes them very 1 dimensional.

auburn should blow out VaTech.

utah will probably beat pitt.

i hate usc and ok, but i think ok will win.

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What a great matchup for Utah. I hope they blow out Pittsburgh, who shouldn't be there first of all (crappy Big East). Oklahoma will beat USC, VT has a good chance against Auburn, and Texas will beat Michigan.

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Oklahoma and Auburn split National Title (just like last year :crazy: )


I don't know about that... Auburn isn't playing a team anywhere near as good. Maybe if they were playing Cal or someone I'd agree.

I think the winner of USC-OK should play Auburn, if Auburn wins.... but that's just me.

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IF Auburn blows out VaTech and Oklahoma wins really there cause for debate? It's the same scenario that we had last weekend.

I think it's only fair to have co-national champs in this situation, but that's me.

I still believe Oklahoma is the best team in the country though.

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there is chance for a split, but not much...

vatech doesn't stand a chance...auburn is just out of their league.

texas better hope it gets a passing game for xmas...

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I feel bad for Cal too. They got left out this year after having lost to only USC. Guess that proves that the Pac 10 is a bit weak.

And yes, it pains me to say, but I also feel bad for Auburn; they played a helluva year and they're also on the outside looking in. I don't think the BCS works... I hear a lot of argument saying it worked "this year" or "last year" or "in this situation" or whatever; but to me, it should work every time, not just in some special situation b/c people can make arguments one way or another. That's just cheap. The C should be silent.

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yeah, and it's completely different than last year. last year, everyone was telling USC "if you wanted to be in, you shoulda won all your games", since last year it was 3 1-loss teams.

what do we tell auburn this year?

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Sorry this is so long..but i have to vent

As an Auburn fan, I have mixed emotions. I have felt, ever since Auburn blew out Tennessee 34-10 in Neyland that they would roll over both USC and OU. Auburn played at even a more elevated level when Georgia came to town. It's bad when the preseason 1 and 2 have their positions questioned by the voters with a team starting out 17th at their heels. Stoops and all the other Big 12 crybabies can whine all they want about how ESPN analysts have an agenda, but the voters as well have an agenda (Yes I know some of the analysts vote). They've wanted since the summer to see a USC/OU national championship and they got it. Now, not to be completely negative, its hard to take something away from any team who goes undefeated (Even though it wasn't as hard for Utah and Boise St). I'm sure if it were possible for all five unbeatens to play for a national title, they would do it.

Now, as I said, Auburn was playing at their highest level when they beat #5 Georgia 24-6. Since that victory, Auburn has turned into a very arrogant team, especially in the backfield. Both Alabama and Tennessee keyed in on stopping the run, and it worked well for Alabama, and Tennessee didn't do bad in the second half. It wasn't until the second half against Alabama that Auburn decided throwing the ball downfield might be a good alternative to running up the middle and going three and out. This type of coaching drives Auburn fans mad. It's generally the type of coaching we've been used to seeing in all those years we've sucked (They don't call us the Auburn faithful for nothing.) Auburn only won by eight, the smallest margin since the LSU upset. Auburn would have lost that game is not for the defense.

The reason Auburn has looked so dominant and stayed healthy all season is because they've allowed themselves to play only one half of football every game. They come out explosive like they're the underdog to the number one team in the nation every game and dominate the first half, then they put subs in, keep the ball on the ground, and run out the clock. Auburn went into the Alabama and Tennessee games wanting to just out muscle them like they do to their out of conference schedule(I'll get to that in a minute).

Both USC and OU have had their close calls as well. I hated Franchione when he was at Alabama, but I despise him after the lack of discipline his team showed at the end of the OU/A&M game. When your team doesnt have the poise to hold onto a good sized lead in one of the biggest games of the year, that's on the coach's shoulders. I mean, two fumbles lost on their own ****ing 10?! If they go three and out and punt their last possessions they would win by at least a TD. And how about UCLA almost toppling the Trojans? That can't feel good going into the game they wanted so dearly to get into last year. What hurt Auburn the most was having these two close contests at the end of the season with the voters already looking for a reason to keep them out. BroChaos: Auburn only played one DivII team: The Citadel. Louisiana Tech finished the season 6-6, and sported one of the best RBs in the nation, had he not been injured. LA-Monroe finished 5-6, nearly bowl eligible. Can you really blame Auburn? Last year Auburn wanted to make a run for the title, they ended up playing one of the toughest schedules in the nation which included both national champions.

I don't think the system works, but I don't think a playoff will either. Think about it, these kids don't get payed. Keeping a team healthy through 12 games is a task. It's hard enough to keep star players around for every year of their eligiblilty (I guarantee you that Bush and Peterson will not see a senior season). Try telling a NFL bound player that before he can sign that multi-million dollar contract, you need him to compete at his highest level in 5 or 6 of the toughest games he's ever played in. I don't know how they run it at OSU, but these players aren't supposed to see a dime until they sign their contract and unfortunately, some aren't as dedicated to their schools as we fans would like to believe.

I have enjoyed watching Virginia Tech play all season. They are really a fun team to watch, they also have good, loud fans. It will be a great game, and honestly the way these two teams match up, I don't know who will win. Virginia Tech closely resembles Auburn, with a dual threat QB, a strong an an agile backfield, and talented defensive front. The only reason Auburn will be the favorite is because you hear the names Jason Campbell and Carnell Williams more than you hear Bryan Randall and Mike Imoh (I love watching Imoh). Sugar is always the goal of SEC teams, and hey, at least we aren't Cal.

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ok, only one div1aa team, but still, those other 2 are really low caliber teams. you guys probably played the toughest conference schedule. to me it was those OOC games that hurt you the most. that and starting off 17th.

you guys should dominate vatech. randall and imoh or humes aren't even in the same league as brown/caddy and campbell.

a playoff can work if they make it in the same time frame as the current bowl games. you would use like an 8 team playoff. there has to be a way to give all undefeated div1a teams a shot at the title.

think about how back in the 80's or whatever, BYU goes undefeated in the same league as Utah, and they are considered national champs. look how the bias is now towards the "big" conferences.

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