Favorite sports team?

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Originally posted by Borg77

Minnesota Vikings (Football), Minnesota Twins (Baseball)

You in Minnesota Borg?

TimeRider, if that was just a joke, it just makes people more likely to call you a troll!

Whatever turns your crank. Lighten up and get a sense of humor.


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Originally posted by Jon

Also people who support a team for no reason other than they live in that city/town. That strikes me as odd...What reasons do you all support your teams for?

I don't think that it's all that strange that people support the teams from their area, it makes the most sense to me. They are the teams that are broadcasted locally, talked about by the local sports media, etc. Actually, i think people support teams from the place where they grew up as a child.

My favorite Baseball and Basketball teams are my local teams (LA Dodgers and Lakers). If i lived in LA and supported some team that was from 3,000 miles away, now that strikes me as odd. Granted, my favorite American Football team is the Green Bay Packers and they are thousands of miles away from where i live, but the team from my area defected to St. Louis, so they can go rot in hell for all I care and i won't support them ever. I like the Packers and all, but once LA has an expansion team, my loyalties will switch back to the local team.

What completely infuriates me, is these bandwagon fans that only like a team because it wins the championship. Like the basketball people who were the biggest bulls fans when MJ was playing and they were champs, and who are die hard Laker people now that they are champs. Or my friend who rooted for the yankees and had jerseys of them, but who showed up in a Diamondbacks hat and jersey the weekend after the yankees lost to the D-Backs in the world series. I'm a Dodger and Laker fan regardless of whether they win the championship, or whether they come in last place.

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Glasgow Celtic


& Inter Milan, Lucchese

Italian connection, family from italy etc...

btw come on the real madrid 2nite.

glasgow is jumping, its brilliant !


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Originally posted by Jon

What makes me laff about football (REAL FOOTBALL, not 'american football'), is when people say 'did you see it when we last played'. The word 'we'. Makes me laff, its like die hard supporters think they are a member of the team.

Jon: most people no matter what sport ask if "we won" last nite

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New York Knicks

New York Giants

New York Yankees

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