Live Bill Gates CES keynote today at 6:30 p.m PST


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This music rox0rs, my b0x0rs. It' pwnzs all other music to the 1337!!!11!!OMG


Don't you love the cheesy piano music with the slight sound of streaming quality loss?

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Everytime the music stops im hoping for it to start up..



lmao...i do the same...when it stops for a sec i get a rumble of joy in my tummy...then it starts again :angry:

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They should have used this music :D


If you really wanted to drive someone off the wall, you'd do the BADGER BADGER BADGER song. :rofl:

Well it started for me, here is a screenshot.

New xbox looks sweet as hell,


Is that a headcrab from Half Life 2 in the box below the Xbox?

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