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Welcome to the "What?s your vehicle?" thread.

It's pretty self explanatory on what this threads purpose is... to post and have a chance to show off your vehicle.

I?ve included some posting guidelines to follow... just to keep everything nice and neat in this thread.


Posting Guidelines:

  • If you plan to img-embed your image(s), please try to keep it under 750 KB
  • If you are going to quote, there isn't a need to quote an img-embeded picture - Just don't do it. Please just reference the post by page number/page link/etc.
  • Off Topic Posts will be edited or removed.


In the interests of keeping the thread on topic it is strongly urged that you format your posts in the following order:

  • Car Year/Brand/Name
  • Specifications
  • Any other things you would like to say about it.. history, personal effects, etc...
  • Any pictures you may have


The moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or remove your posts as necessary so they may comply with our Community Rules.

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I am the proud owner of a Nissan Maxima. It's a black sedan and has excellent style points for exterior design. Driving feels very smooth, just got a new battery, it had the original in it; it's the 96' Model GXE. I need to realign the steering bar and probably should get an all around tune up as I haven't had one in about 2 years now. In regard to the power output: it should pump out a lot of horsepower since it wastes so much gas; probably the V6, I probably get less than 25mpg. My RPM meter is loose, need to have someone tighten it; sometimes the needle just shoots out of control - I know the motor isn't turning that fast.

Edit: Because I almost forgot to describe the interior. My interior consists of seats, they have a fabric, but it's not leather, so who cares what it is. The fuse box cover is loose, and once in a blue moon, it falls on my feet and has the opportunity to cause an accident if it ever gets behind my brake pedal. The sound system is composed of some electronic components, the speakers of which are Bose; a brand most people fear because they never post their specifications - However this is a decent speaker set, except the subwoofer sometimes sounds weird. My interior only has one cigarrette lighter port in the front, possibly one in the back. Bought a CD-R player radio, but should've grabbed one with mp3 support. The player is an Alpine; they told me it was good - it works. I got dual front airbags to kill me AND my girlfriend if I ever crash.

Finally, more things I should have put in the original first paragraph'ish/post. I have a sunroof, but I think something's stuck, because it won't open all the way, so i'll have to have that done. My hubcaps are so shiny they make my girlfriend say "bling bling" - they're all scratched up from parking in Chicago. Last, but not least; my car has a small dent/scratch on the rear passenger right side - I put it there by parking in my GARAGE! Got it during my first few months driving and am finally looking for quotes on fixing it.

That's IT!

Keys in my pocket, Dontt touch - I can lock it from here!

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thanks... i would do so much more to my car like rims and lower it but i dont wanna dumb all my money in my car and our winters here in michigan suck and i dont want my car to be a blow... its low enough as it is

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1984 Mercury Grand Marguis

5.0 liter throttle body injection

name: Miss Betsy Blue (Betsy)

nickname: Eater of Buses

A bus ran a red light in front of me, I totaled the bus, the car still drives fine!

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1984 Mercury Grand Marguis

5.0 liter throttle body injection

name: Miss Betsy Blue (Betsy)

nickname: Eater of Buses

A bus ran a red light in front of me, I totaled the bus, the car still drives fine!


Lol, you ran into a bus dude. Bus has right of way, at least here in Chi-town they do - whatever they want - unless it's me driving; I wait until the bus decides what they wanna do before moving.

I guess it's not as funny as me running into my garage...but it's pretty funny :whistle:

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1997 Ford Taurus SHO


All aluminum block and heads, Generation II Yamaha Racing 3.4L v8



CD changer

17" alloys

Mach 460 sound system (modified now)

Front wheel drive.

I don't currently have a pictures of it. May take some, if I get a chance and it isn't dark outside. It's stock, and one of the most surprising stock sleepers available. It's funny to have imports and Mustangs try and screw with me at stoplights.

Mine is ebony. The tires cost a fortune for it. It has an amp, 2 12" JL audio subs, and the windows are tinted.

It currently has a few battle wounds:

1. A car side-swiped me in the middle of the night, and my insurance wouldn't cover it, so I dodn't do anything to it yet, as I'm in the market for a new car.

2. A school bus rear-ended me when it was raining outside once. I got a nice settlement out of it that I put towards a down payment. So, here we are.

A picture under the hood that I found that looks like my engine:


And this is basically what my baby looks EXACTLY like:


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I had right of way, I was turning on the arrow & this jerk in the bus runs the red light. I ALMOST stopped in time to let him go by...

ah well, sh** happens, I drove my car away from the accident, but the bus had to be towed. There's something to be said for driving a tank! :p

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pimpshiznid, your car is black dude.


Sorry. I'll scan it directly from the original sales invoice. It's ebony.

:laugh: I know it's black. I just call it ebony, as a nickname also.

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fiat stilo 1,8L 16v

130HP, front wheel drive, very comfy. nothing spectecular. just a plain car to drive from a to b. i could post more pics since we own 4 cars, but this is MINE.





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2001 Holden VXII Calais

* Anthracite Leather interior

* HBD Spoiler

* FE2 Sports Suspension

* Slimline license plates :)

After market mods:

* Windows Tinted (not shown in picture)

* Exhaust & Extractors

Future Mods:

* Some sexy wheels (aiming for Monaro CV8-R 18")

* Better sound system

It's only a V6 engine in it, so not too fast, but I can't complain, as I won this car. The day I got my license, I entered a raffle. Two weeks later, they rang me and told me I had $55,000AU to spend on any car I wanted, so my first car was a damn nice one. :D

It's got a few scratches on it these days courtesy of pricks that can't park, or in the event of hitting a car, don't leave a note, so I'll have to fork out and get those things fixed soon...


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