HUGE fricking comet!

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...just keep in mind 450,000 km is the diameter of the coma, not the nucleus.  It'll be interesting to see!


I was wondering if anyone else read this part.

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I hope it won't hit Earth :p


Correction, when something's that large, it's "I hope earth doesn't hit it" (And yes I know the actual comet is quite small) :D

Even the coma could cause some problems (or some pretty cool sights) if we passed through it, although nothing by any means severe.

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lol nothing ever hits earth...  the atmosphere and our poluted ozone will defend us :D  besides, its got another 6 planets to go threw, and a few moons before it gets close to earth :p


Umm, you're wrong. Things do hit the Earth. They have hit the Earth for millions of years and will continue to do so. A meteor or a comet hit Tunguska in Russia in 1908 (an area of forest). A meteor or a comet helped wipe out the dinosaurs. And so on.

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