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Its actually pretty cheap!!!! looks expensive but very cheap a 1999 model for ?7000 or a 1995 model for ?3000 beats any luxury marque at value for money - try lookin it at autotrader uk.


ERM ERM a 94 840Ci is ?8000 and for that you get a 4.4l V8, and windscreen wipers who adjust pressure according to your speed. And for ?3500 you can get a decent E39 7-series which again kicks your car's *** in terms of luxury and mere po;)r ;)

But in both cases you'd need to do some pretty serious repair work - equivalent to your tuning I guess.

Although I have to say, this is probably the first car I see from the UK which is tuned tastefu:Dy :D

And don't pay attention to my 8-series rambling your car is very n:De :D

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i like te legend, but those wheels and that wing completly kill tha tcar for me.

nice black paint job, and the ground efects arnt bad. but the wheels look like chrome flower pedals.

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An E39 7-Series? I'd be interested in that. :D



Search results for UK

Yeah ok most of these aren't E39s but I don't have time to look for them one by one. However I'm sure I saw a couple :D

In fact...

try this

I'm not guarranteeing it will work but:

1996 BMW 728i Barclay Motor Company Ltd  4 Doors, Automatic, Saloon, Petrol, . ABS, Adjustable seats, Adjustable steering column/wheel, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels, Central locking, Child locks, Child seats, Colour coding - Body, Cruise . . . . (trade)


109 miles

1996 N Reg BMW 740i V8 AJ Cars  Automatic, Saloon, Petrol, Metallic Green, 2 Owners. ABS, Adjustable seats, Adjustable steering column/wheel, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels, Anti theft system, CD Multichanger, Central locking, Climate . . . . (trade)

logo ?3,150

9 miles

1997 BMW 7 SERIES 728i Sport 4dr Auto Saloon, Petrol, 119,000 miles, . Green.,tiptronic,leather,air con,all electric,memory seats,cruise control,6 cd changer,tax and mot,FULLY LOADED,immaculate condition.. . . . . (private)


8 miles

(distances don't refer to how much the car has run, just to how far the dealer is from my place sorry if I put your hopes :D :D)

First 3 replies (country-wide, ?3000-4000 7-series, less than 10 years old) Those are E39s right? According to the year anyway.

I think the reason they're so cheap is because they're old-fashioned by today's jap-design standards, as well as expensive to run and to repair with parts being rare and not cheap... Making it a great car if you can afford it, but if you can afford it chances are you'll go for something better... like an 8-ser;)s ;)

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Not the ones from a couple of years ago to now (next gen will be better tho from what I heard even though they are going with jap styling), they tend to fall to pieces as you press the starter button. However I have to say the good old-fashioned "tanks" S-class was deffo the best luxury saloon out there short of a rolls. Beemers never quite managed to beat them.

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Check out my Honda, Its a Legend!!  This car is amazing and i have tricked it out a bit. It has serious street cred in the UK, especially when other folks drive around in box shaped small cars :D. This bad boy packs in serious power too a 3.5L V6 engine and pretty low and wide for awsome control!, not to mention its a luxury sedan :cool: and has every function u can dream of in a car and this was 15 years ago lol. Cars today dont have some of the stuff this one boasts (exepct mayb for lexus). After driving this car, Mercs and even bmw are a bit well... not so refined and lacks power and luxury. This is a True SpOrTs Saloon and a Legend.  ;)


I realise this is old, But the Mercedes S Class outclasses any Lexus or BMW.

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Alright... I ve done a few changes after a lot of complaints :blink: now i guess it looks pretty normalish... Replaced the Rims, Spoilers and got rid of the window covers, Side skirts :happy:,  reduced the front windows tint to 0% and  finally i also added some new Xenon Headlamp bulbs and fog lights :laugh:



where do you live? the 'fern' to the left of the car looks nice. ive never seen anything like that before.

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lol are you kidding me? We have legends everywhere here in canada and they are cheap pieces of crap. no offense. I wouldn't be caught dead driving that and bmws/mercedes etc are 100x nicer.

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I was being sarcastic in my last comment because the E39 is the 5-Series, not the 7-Series.

The E39 7-Series quite simply doesn't exist. :p


Point taken :p I've never been very good with chassis numbers. What are the pre-Bangle ones then? E31?

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E38 is the 7 series you are thinking of.

As regards the Honda, it certainly would not be my choice, and as regards it being a better driving car than a BMW, I would seriously disagree.

I have had an E32 Alpina B11 (one of 7 made EVER), an E34 540i Manual (a rare car in the UK), and an E38 740i Manual (a VERY rare car - it was possibly the only one in the UK).

All of them had at least 50bhp more than your Honda, were RWD, so, almost certainly handled better as well as outperformed it in a straight line, and all had a reasonably high factory spec.

The 740i for example, had electric, heated front and rear buffalo hide seats, a fridge between the rear seats, soft close doors, auto close boot, double glazing, electric windows, electric, auto dimming, folding mirrors, Sat Nav, DVD, DSP stereo, xenon headlights and so on.

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Yep, a large amount of Alpinas are sold to the UK and Ireland. Some of the more cosmetic Alpinas are built by a UK dealer as well. Mine was built in Buchloe though.

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