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Game Guru (a gaming/tech news site) is reporting:


Napster DRM Cracked - Neowin previously reported on the work done by Cody Brocious to get iTunes working on Linux; in a soon to be released updated version, Cody and his group have announced plans to support the Napster Music Store as well. However, in the process of making PyMusique work with Napster, the group have broken the Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that the company uses. Unlike Apple's iTunes, the DRM is applied "server-side", making the decryption process a lot more complicated. The team have formulated a method for removing the DRM on WMA files allowing them to play on non-Windows systems.

This is my very first post in this section, and I think that I did it right (if this is the right sorta thing). If it isn't, then my bad. :blush:

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