Freeserve not unaffected by network crisis

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Since Neowin reported that Freeserve and AOL run on the KPNQwest network and that its going through some crisis at the moment, Just thought I'd show you the official Freeserve press release saying it dosent even run on the KPNQwest network.

Click here to see the press release

The press release says as follows:


Claims in the national press that Freeserve will be affected by the threatened shutdown of the KPNQwest network are untrue.

Freeserve's Internet service is powered by Energis not KPNQwest and our service to customers will continue as normal.

KPNQwest, which handles almost half of Europe's Internet traffic, went bankrupt last week.

Now administrators say the network will be closed unless creditors pay all their debts by Monday.

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