when will Chelsea lose?

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It's gonna be a cracking match! Chandru makes a good point about what happened to Arsenal last year and Old Trafford is always a difficult place to visit.

But i think 'boring' Chelsea (**cough**cough** 13 goals in three games, 8 different scorers **cough**cough**) will just edge it.

But i hope it'll be a game to remember whoever wins, and I hope there will be a decent fair ref for that match too.


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I know you can't really be comparing BUT

Rooney acts like an Ass in Europe and gets a 2nd yellow getting sent off. He then gets banned for 2 games!

Essiens wreckless challenge against the Israeli defender (forgot his name?) is ONLY worth a yellow. He then gets away with a slap on the wrist!

It goes to show how crap the FA system is in comparison with the UEFA system.

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