Desktop Codename: RxStart(tm) Beta

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Desktop Codename: RxStart Beta

1st. pre-Beta ready for 'Beta Testers'

Content -


Hello to All.

My name is Jaziel, Graphic/Web Site Designer, Cisco Certified Network Professional, IT entusiast, Pelco? Certified Installer, "Visual Studio. Net" -unexperienced- Programmer, and a bunch of other junk you might don't even want to know about. This quick intro is to let you all know something about myself real quick. As some of you might know, I made a mockup of the current "Windows Vista" Start Menu. Here is the link for those who hasn't seen it yet:>

As you can see, countless people liked the "Mockup", of which "countless quantity" of them might want to have this as the final "Windows Vista" Start Menu desing. Of course that cannot happen, unless Microsoft already saw my Mockup and they are currently trying to do something close to it. Though, countless people (again) criticized it in both good and bad ways, which still is "good" feedback (to me though) that such "Mockup" could not be implemented in a OS cause it does not have enough "Workflow" or let's call it some other way, "Clarity". It is clear, but it is not "clarifying" the real concept of Windows Vista, which is what this OS's main concern seems to be.

That's what they said between a few other things like "Oh sweet! - God I like it! - Damn! - Wow - Looks good - Its Ok - Em? - I would use this Start Menu" and other stuff.

Well I really want to say thanks to all for their feedback, and also I would like to present the FIRST beta release of this "Mockup" Project, as a real fact, actually being developed:

The Desktop Codename: RxStart>






A Desktop X Environment fully loaded with a custom Start Menu, custom Task bar and Sidebar. This Desktop is based on the new "Windows Vista" look and feel. It conbines both the design and flexibility of the new beta OS from Microsoft "Windows Codename: Longhorn". Thought this is an early "BETA" release, it will include a load of rich content and widgets to make it a "Real" fake Windows Vista under Windows XP.

the purpose of this theme is to Replace your Windows XP environment with the new "Windows Vista Aero Style" so you can feel like if you were using "Windows Vista" at the moment.

This theme would only load with Desktop X from Stardock, so you might want to install it in order to beta test it.

Included Features in this Build:>

- New Stat Menu based on the following features:

* Windows Vista Aero Style.

* Windows Vista New "Glow" and "Blur" Effects.

* Expandible and Configurable "Main Icons" Panel.

* "Quick Action Icons" for rapid "Shutdown/Logoff" Options.

* "Quick Launch Icons" Panel to easly acess your favorite applications.

* More features "might" be inplemented as future builds are released.

- New Taskbar based on the following features:

* "Unofficial" Windows Vista "Rounded" Start Button.

Note: The "Rounded" STart Button is an "unofficial" feature, meaning

it might not come with Windows Vista, as it might just be a"Mockup"

made somewhere else but at Microsoft's labs.

* Windows Vista Aero Style.

- New Sidebar Gadget based on the following features:

* Most features available on the "Official" Windows Vista Sidebar

might be implemented in this "Windows Sidebar" Gadget.

- A "pre-beta" Gadget version of the RxStart Lite Project (Lite: does not include the Taskbar and/or Sidebar. This was suppose to be the main project).

Features NOT Included in this Build:>

- New Stat Menu under-development features:

* Windows Vista Start Menu's Search Bar.

* Start Menu "All Programs" Feature Inplementation.

* "Quick Action Icons" Commands are disabled, or not configured.

- Windows? Sidebar? "Gadget".

- Availabilty of a "Windows? Vista" Stlye for Windows? XP.

- Full Desktop Inplementation with System Controls.

Please note that this is a pre-beta and it is buggy, as any other Beta would be. Only around a 25% of the scripting is done, and the graphics may be in early releases. It is suggested to changes and/or even the total modification of its features and designs.

Please report your bugs in this Thread and help me make this, more than just a good looking design, an usefull project to any one who would like to use it.

Link to Downlodownload.pngDownload Desktop Codename: 'RxStart' Beta.>


Included in this Package:



Release Notes.txt










NOTE: This release is only available in 3 different resolution sizes:

."1024 x 768" - "1152 x 864" - "1280 x 1024".

Please ONLY use the file that fits with your Screen Resolution.

Please support my work and effort. Thank you!;

Edited by Jazket
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pretty good. the font needs work on that part thats white with a shadow. might be cool to be able to change location of it top, bottom, etc. the hue shift thing is cool. the lock button you can drag the circle arround :)

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very glitchy. Work on the taskbar buttons, pink shows up. No clue what happened, but I had to do system restore... I think I was clicking too many buttons, it was kind of slow too.

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thank you all! :)

Those who are "passing" might want to try the next release :p im sure it will be much better :p

thanks for your support, please post the bugs you find and the things you may want to have or see dissapear in it :happy:

and rate if you feel like doing it :D "zankz" :shifty:

Angel, I'll see if i can find a way to realease it as a full gadget (exe application)... but that wont come until finals releases....

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Can someone verify it only works with Desktop X? Meh, I'd download it and try it out but I'm to lazy to un-install it later. :(


Yep game, it only works with Desktop X by now.... I might release it as a Gadget in its full version later.. but im still working hard on this :D

Thanks for your support everyone! :yes:

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Thankz Viscera!

Hey Jase, im working on a way to fix that don't worry :D... remember this early build compared to what I spect the final build to be, is like comparing Microsoft's progress within Longhorn 5231 and 4051! :wacko:


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