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New version launched with breakthrough performance technology

Burbank, CA, December 6, 2005 ? In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Diskeeper; for Windows, Diskeeper Corporation announced today the release of Diskeeper 10.0. New Diskeeper 10.0 has defragmentation and storage performance technology that is light years ahead. The market leading automatic disk defragmenter continues to provide the most advanced technology to increase performance for Windows based networks.

Included in Diskeeper 10.0 is Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAASTTM). This Disk Performance Calibration technology is a new class of disk technology that will allow users to squeeze more performance out of storage devices and is expected to deliver performance gains of 10-80% beyond defragmentation. Software Engineer, Kelly Irish, stated, "I believe that the I-FAAST feature really separates Diskeeper v10. My hard drive now loads Windows faster, accesses data faster, loads applications faster, and it also has improved the speed of my programs. Overall in my opinion, version 10.0 is the BEST released by Diskeeper Corporation to date!"

In recognition of Diskeeper's 10th anniversary, congratulatory wishes have been pouring in from media and partners. "We congratulate Diskeeper on its 10 year anniversary. Intel recognizes the importance of fragmentation and Diskeeper provides a robust solution." - Joel Christensen, Director of Marketing, Intel Desktop Board Operations.

New functionality includes:

  • Core enhancements to the new comprehensive defragmentation engine offer faster performance, less resources usage and more thorough file and free space defragmentation
  • Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST?) learns the performance characteristics of each drive and sequences the most commonly-used files for the fastest possible access
  • Enhancements to I/O Smart?, which intelligently monitors drive access during defragmentation, allows transparent background defragmentation so you never experience a performance hit, even during system peak production times
  • Terabyte Volume Engine? defrags large volumes, SANs, RAIDs and NAS, quickly and more thoroughly.
  • Enhanced user interface provides easy configuration and scheduling as well as reports on disk health, real time performance and fragmentation statistics.
  • Native 64 bit operating systems support.
  • New Diskeeper Professional Premier Edition is the ultimate edition for power users and high powered workstation computing.

Diskeeper 10.0 is now available for sale and can be purchased through your favorite reseller. More information on Diskeeper 10.0 is available at http://www.diskeeper.com.

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This is the same product that was posted about before? :unsure:

that was a preview, it's now out.

Thanks for the information, will be testing against perfectdisk :)

edit: "Why is it crucial to defrag your drives daily?" you've GOT to be kidding me. What a stupid marketing idea :no:

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Kind of sad that Diskeper rolls this out for sale prior to making it available to people who pay for a maintenance contract that entitles them to free updates. Guess they just don't care about their existing customers.

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It could just be the way they're marketing it, but this is sounding an awful lot better than the current version of PerfectDisk.

Hmmmm, I may be tempted to switch!

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So..any perfectdisk user would like to make comment on this? I have been using PerfectDisk. Altough it's long when it's defragging, but you can 'feel' the result once the defraf is over. How about diskeeper?

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Nope, PerfectDisk is still better. Nothing beats PD free space consolidation feature.

Diskeeper 10 is definetely better than v9 but still has the same limitations when compared to PD.

1. Needs 20% of diskspace to do a full defrag

2. No manual free space defragmentation and consolidation

3. Inferior offline defragmentation

4. No real speed difference when defrag is over

5. Bloated (25MB) when compared to 6MB of PerfectDisk

6. Network defrag control is only available in a separate Admin version

7. Online updates are usually >15MB (2MB for PED)

Diskeeper 10 has better reporting features, better scheduling and a nice looking user interface though. However PerfectDisk's defragment engine is still the best (IMHO)

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