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Definitive Top Gear Thread


Recommended Posts

From a friend on



Range Rover Sport


Bugatti Veyron

McLaren SLR

Enzo Ferrari

Porsche 977 Carrera S

Murcielago Roadster

Ford Mustang GT

Ford F-150 Lightening


Aston Martin DB9R

Noble M12 GT

Ferrari F430

Fab 1 (Thunderbirds)


Spyker C8

Morgan Aero8

Maserati Quadroporte

Lotus Exige

Paganni Zonda

Ford GT

Mercedes G55 AMG

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Porsche Cayman S

Chevrolet C6 Corvette

Dodge SRT10 Viper

MG Rover SV

Range Rover Sport

Ariel Atom

Porsche Carrera GT

Mercedes CLS

Porsche GT3

Land Rover Discovery - Climbs a mountain


Audi RS4


EVO VS. Lambo

Boxster, Z4, S2000

Super Car Comparison

Boxster S VS. Mercedes SLK AMG

Hot Hatchbacks

Muscle Cars - Monaro, Jag, 300C

Weissman VS. TVR Tuscan2

Convertable Comparo 1

Jaguar XJR15 & McLarenF1

TT, 350Z, Crossfire

Old Racers Vs. Showroom Cars

Porsche GT3 RS Vs. Ferrari 360CS


Race 1 - Aston Martin DB9 Vs. TGV: London to Monte Carlo

Race 2 - Ferrari 612 Scaletti Vs. Airplane: London to Verbia

Race 3 - McLaren SLR Vs. Boat: London to Oslo



Pacific Rims

Toyota Aygo Football

Drifting a VXR

Playing darts with cars

How to beat a speed camera

Hypnotizing Richard Hammond

EVO Vs. Bobsled

800 miles in an Audi A8 on 1 tank of diesel

Running a van on the 'Ring

World Record Attempt

Wildcat, EVO Vs. ATV Skater downhill

2004 Top Gear Awards

Destoying a Toyota Truck

Scraping Supercars


Season 6, Episode 11

Season 7, episode 1


1985 Mazda RX-7 & Porsche 924 Comparison

1990 Honda NSX Review

Porsche 996 911 Twin Turbo Review

McLaren F1

Mitsubishi Evo-VII

Porsche GT1

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wicked...just what I was looking for a thread with all the video's listed from around the internet.

I'm a sucker for topgear vid's for my iPod. ;)

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I wish they were formatted in higher quality. :( so I can go full screen. :)

I love the Merc G55 review. That is the coolest SUV that I've seen yet...forget the range rover.

I love the odd shape and the raw power 476bhp, 5.5 liter, v8, supercharged...the same engine in the SLR cousin just less pumped up...but still pushes out a nice 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds. :D

I love the Evo vs Lambo video. that was wicked also....The lambo couldn't loose the evo around the track...and the lambo even spinned out in a corner. lol

Edited by Tech001101
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I uploaded the recent Bugatti Veyron race Here..

The thing is, I split it in 2 parts.. the second part was verified, but the first part was said to have copyright infringement :|.

Soo here is the 2nd part for now.. I will re-rip and this time upload the whole thing.

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