What's more interesting,the Olympics or World Cup?


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  1. 1. What is more interesting, the Olympics or World Cup?

    • the Olympics (summer or winter)
    • FIFA World Cup
    • I care for neither one

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What 4 year sporting event do you find more compelling and interesting :

the (summer or winter) Olympics, or the FIFA Soccer World Cup and

please elaborate on your reason/s why.

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Olympics by far.

The sheer volume, variety and intensity of the sports and competitors

are just amazing.

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I really don't like either. World Cup bores me, and the Olympics have so many events that aren't sports, from diving to figure skating. However, I enjoyed watching beach volleyball and ice hockey, so I'd go with the Olympics.

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I'm going to say Olympics also, mostly because there just isn't a huge following for soccer here in the United States like there is for it in the rest of the world, where it is very appropriately called "football".

I'm going to make a prediction now. Most people who post in this thread who aren't from the United States are going to say World Cup, while most Americans are going to say Olympics. Not a stereotype or a criticism or insult in any sense. Just an observation I've made. Soccer/"football" just isn't big in the United States, while American football isn't very big in most other parts of the world and is the single biggest one-day sporting event in the United States (Super Bowl).

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