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Selfish or not, scoring 81 points in a professional Basketball game is impressive. If the lakers make the playoff this year, Kobe will have my vote, by far, for MVP.

81 should be the new 100 becuase in Wilt's time the quality of player wasn't even close to those of today.

what kinda of **it is that 81 is better then 100 omg lol.and when wilt played players couldnt jump dunk because to leave your feet will most of the time got you on your @$$. and when he played i beat he got some bad calls(it was that sad time per)and kobe made 3s.

2) he got to the line 20 times

this for both Quotes wilt made something like 20 free thows(like 80%, and his avg was about 50%

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Yee, I don't like Kobe too. MJ was great player, much better than Kobe! 81 points and... 2 assist. When MJ was playing he scored a lot of points and assisted. He often ended game with triple-double...

But respect for Kobe :)

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