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Feburary Desktops - 2006

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Wallpaper: Did a messy re-coloring of the default KateOS wallpaper... Sorry I'm no artist :blush:... go to their website to see the real thing it's amazing

Icons: Snowish (got from gnome-look I think)

Apps: Rox Filer and Eterm

oh.. and Fluxbox of course

EDIT: Forgot to mention.. Arch Linux

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Cranking up the old Linux OS as a tribute to all that have been affected by Kama Sutra, as Linux is never affected!

All the icons are NuoveXT, all of my desktops are having a Vista inspired look this month, details for Gnome are in the screenshot, and if anyone liked the Openbox style I made, I've attached it for you! It's called Aurora, named after the wallpaper it was modeled with. It uses the FreeSans font, hope you like it!

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^^^ KamaSutra hasn't seemed to have had a very large impact, but good to see you fired up *nix and posted some screenies! :yes:

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Mine. Ubuntu Breezy using the most excellent "Mockup" Controls, "Alphacube" Window Border and "Glass" Icons. Wall is something I found on the net somewhere.


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Not exactly very different from my last couple of shots.


What is the media player in the "Oh no not more blue" screenshot.

It looks like an improved on Muine... if it is, what kind of configuration are you using.

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