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Super Bowl 40 Commercial Discussion


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Lets all discuss the funny & best commercials throughout the game.

As of now the kickoff was just kicked.


1st Commercial Break

Bud Light : Office Rampage > Very Funny.

Burger King : Whopper Opera > Alright. More Weird than funny.

2nd Commercial Break

Sierra Mist : Airport Security > Decent

Bud Light : Revolving Fridge > Stupidity produces the best humility. Extremely Funny.

3rd Commercial Break

FedEx : Cavemen > Loved it. Surprise Ending

Bud Light : Bear Chase > Wasn't as good as the revolving door, but it was still great.

4th Commercial Break

Diet Pepsi : Brown & Bubbely > Looks like pepsi lost it's edge with commercials. Past years have been great.

Steelers : 0 | Seahawks : 3

5th Commercial Break

Aleve : Nerd Convention > Didnt Like

Ameriquest : "That Killed Him" > My favorite so far!

Bud Light : Housework > 5th Commercial. In the top 3 for sure.

Quarter 1 Over!

6th Commercial Break

Diet Pepsi : Jackie Chan > yeah Pepsi really sucks this year so far

7th Commercial Break

Budweiser : Streaker! > Funny

8th Commercial Break

Career Builder : Monkeys > That was old wasnt it?

9th Commercial Break

Nothing good. MI3 Ad was best thing shown

10th Commercial Break

Michelob Ultra : Late Hit > AMAZING. BEST ONE YET!

11th Commercial Break

Go Daddy : The Bra Strap > Kinda funny.

12th Commercial Break

No Funny. Gillete Fusion finally unvealed.

Steelers : 7 | Seahawks 3

13th Commercial Break + 14th Commercial Break


Edited by Rob.Baker
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The Fedex commercial now is now the best. :laugh:

Rob.Baker, you forgot the Camry commercial in the 3rd set.


These are going to be available to watch after the superbowl, no?

(On websites, or on TV, etc.)

ifilm usually does have them (Y)

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we don't get the commericals here in canada :(

On the HD Channels showing the game in Canada you might get to see the commericals.

These are going to be available to watch after the superbowl, no?

(On websites, or on TV, etc.)

On the NFL Network you can see them.

* Monday, Feb. 6 - 12:00 PM ET; 6:00 PM ET; 9:00 PM ET and 12:00 midnight

* Tuesday, Feb. 7 - 1:00 PM ET; 5:00 PM ET

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rob just put the funny commercials or the big ones down. that way it saves space. u dont need to add ones like the ATT one, or ones for TV shows, or movies. just keeps it be a tidier.

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Rob.Baker, I didn't get the ATT ad, instead I got a local Cadilac commerical. You should just call it "Local Ad"

Yeah i figured that.

I'm only going to be adding the "big" or "funny" ones.

7th set coming up!

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Ok, some of these commercials are funny. But, is it just me or is there more commercials than football? There's commercials every 5 minutes!!! Good thing I don't like football or I'd be pretty ****ed :p

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