Neowin Fanstasy Baseball 2006 Season

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I have created the Neowin Fantasy Baseball League over at Yahoo. I am using default Head to Head settings (as determined by Yahoo) with the exception of 2 changes. First, I added hits to the batting scoring and I upped the bench player limit from 5 to 6. Last year we had a pretty fun season and I hope we can have another great one this year.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League Information:

League ID #: 68981

Password: neowinRox

Live Draft: March 19, 2006 at 3:00pm EST

Current Teams and Owners:

1. Cactus Jacks (bangbang023)

2. BroChaos-Cubbies! (BroChaos)

3. BOOGSoftball (BOOGSoftball)

4. L3thal's Boys (L3thal)

5. VirtualMadden (virtualmadden)

6. Honey Nut Ichiros (AppleDave)

7. Adamb10's Brewers (Adamb10)

8. Sir Kill Jerker (Sir Kill Jerk)

9. Hartleb's Boys (j.nudd)

10. TDot Zephyr (Ryan V)

11. Swing'ana'ms (cterry511)

12. RavNouS YaNkz (RavNouS)

There are 12 slots available so I ask that only serious contenders apply. If you plan on leaving half way through the season, don't sign up. If a second league is needed, it will be created.

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woot! count me in.


Please make sure to post your name here so we know who is who.

Good luck!

and uh, if you don't finish the season, +20% warning for you!! :p

just kidding....or am? ;)

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cool guys. On the 12th, make sure you get there 10 minutes early. The draft starts exactly on time and you may miss picks if you aren't there yet.

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