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Visual style: Thallos

Winamp: ThallosAmp 2 (from the ThallosAmp pack)

Wallpaper: from KDE-Look.org

Opera skin: wfftbrad_native_5_1, 'cause there's nowhere a Crystal Clear skin :(

Rainlendar skin: Rewind Mode 2 (from customize.org, which is'nt working now)

Icons: Everaldo's Crystal Clear, ported to Windows by me, using Axialis IconWorkshop 5.0

Software: Lclock (clock default, hide start menu, cause unusable), Free Launch Bar (to make menu like KMenu), UberIcon, Y'z Toolbar, Rainlendar, Powermenu, IM: Konnekt, Folder2MyPC (crystalxp.net).

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SONE: Wow, love the VS! :woot: Got a link?

if you want the version with blue, ergo, olive, and silver, send me a pm with your email addy. =]

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