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(Noob) Merging two images...

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Ap0x    6

Hi! I dont know if this is the right place to post this....but can someone teach me something?

I have a picture (.jpg) of me, and another one of my Gf (.jpg too)...

Im a noob at photo editing, but i use Pain.NET once in a while to edit some pics a little...

Now heres the thing....How to merge two pictures in one pic....u know something kinda romantic... :blush:

Paint.NET is kinda similar to Photoshop i think, but should be more than enough to do this no?

Thks :laugh:

Edit: I have also Photoshop CS2 if necessary...

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SamNeeds    0

You need to select a person off one of the pics and paste it as a new layer onto the other pic....then save it as a JPG.

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