[MMA] Dana White vs Tito Ortiz

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?Dana White has once again taken the low road and decided to try to damage my reputation and credibility in a public forum. During an appearance on Spike TV on April 12th White accused me of failure to show up for a fight we had originally scheduled for March 24th. He did so at the end of the program and gave me no opportunity to respond or tell the real story, which is simply this: White was fully informed well in advance of March 24th that I would not fight without a contract, which White refused to sign.

Fighting is my livelihood and jeopardizing my body without a full understanding of conditions, doesn?t make any sense. No professional fighter will go into a risky match without a contract.

I?ve struggled to get respect and dignity for my profession and I do it in the way I lead my life as a fighter and as a human being. Dana?s attitude not only disrespects me, but all fighters. I am taking this stand just not for this one incident, but for all future champions.

I want to reiterate: I am ready to settle my differences with Dana White in any fighting forum we can agree on, but only if there is a signed contract that stipulates where the money is going, whether it is to charity or to the fighters doesn?t matter as much as having a definitive agreement.

Until Dana White is ready to fight me on a professional basis, I strongly urge him to keep his mouth shut.?

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Tito Ortiz is a hypocrite. If there is one fighter I can think of who takes the sportsmanship out of MMA it is Tito Ortiz. How many other fighters has he blatantly disrespected in and outside the ring/octagon?

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