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Guinness to Publish Video Game World Records Book

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Guinness World Records already compiles many of the world?s most bizarre and amazing feats from mankind, but oddly enough, gaming achievements are currently a little lacking from the latest book of world records. That will soon change, however, as Guinness World Records will announce at the London Book Fair that it is working on a book dedicated to video game records.

"We reintroduced videogaming world records to our annual book a few years ago, and it?s proved to be one of the most popular sections with our core readers. It makes sense, therefore, to dedicate an entire annual to the subject," said Guinness World Records editor in chief Craig Glenday.

The book will include reviews of the 20 biggest games of the year, plus record game scores, hardware profiles, sales figures, technical achievements and professional gamer salaries, according to

"Our record researchers are already scouring the videogaming community for superlatives, and the vast number of games, gamers, developers and platforms mean that we have an incredible pool of content to dip into each year. It's going to be a very exciting project," added Glenday.

Guinness World Records: Videogame Edition 2008 is expected to release in April 2008.




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Tokar    0

Consecutive headshots in an UT1999 game without the use of an Aimbot:...

Consecutive successful shock combos in a UT1999 game:...

Quickest UT1999 flag capture on CTF-Face:...

Most minutes played for a UT1999 map:...

etc. will be ridiculous what they put in there.

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