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Hamachi download

With Hamachi you can organize two or more computers with an Internet connection into their own virtual network for direct secure communication. Access computers remotely. Use Windows File Sharing. Play LAN games. Run private Web or FTP servers. Communicate directly. Stay connected.

Licence: Freeware.


Not available at this time.



Here is the:

>> nLite Addon << if you want to integrate this great program into your Windows installation CD (and our guide HowTo Do It ) :yes:

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Change log:

* Added notifications in a form of system tray balloons; this feature

can be turned off via hamachi-override.ini

* Added an option of enabling diagnostic log from the Preferences,

System page. Maximum log size defaults to 16 Megs, split into two

8 MB files. The size and the verbosity of the log file is controlled

via hamachi-override.ini

* Added new languages - Croatian and Hungarian. Serbian is on its way.

* Updated a number of existing translations

* Modified Hamachi adapter driver to use stack space more rationally;

all bulky temporary variables are now allocated off the stack

* Modified the installer to put Hamachi adapter _last_ on Windows'

"adapter binding list"

* Modified the installer to disable "DNS updates" on Hamachi adapter,

which is another way of saying that 5.x.x.x address should NOT now

be getting an A record if the machine's running a DNS server

* Modified the installer to set DefaultGateway on the Hamachi adapter

to and its InterfaceMetric - to 9000. This Vista-specific

fix; non-Vista installations are not affected

* Fixed "stuck in a reconnecting mode" issue

* Fixed UPnP code to understand broken dialects of HTTP/1.1 spoken

by some home routers

* Fixed local value of peer's MAC address being different from the

value used by the peer itself (affects IPX connectivity)

* Fixed "Failed to connect to the adapter" problem by -

# making Hamachi select any suitable adapter if the default one is

not available

# making the installer force Windows to name all newly added items

in a Network Connections folder (affects machines that do not use

Windows Explorer as a default shell)

* Fixed the problem with per-peer information not being saved properly

when Hamachi is running as a service

* Fixed the problem with "Block Vulnerable Services" option not working


* Fixed cosmetic UI issues (language, wording, formatting, etc)

Source: http://forums.hamachi.cc/viewtopic.php?t=14611

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I saw this post and had to comment.

All of this information can be backed up @ www.logmein.com/products/hamachi

The are couple of features which differentiate Hamachi from other software based VPNs.

  1. It is a mediated VPN service. Our servers establish a direct connection between two clients and then drop out. After that no data is relayed through our servers. This means that you do not have to dedicate a box, and that the VPN connection is as fast as the network will allow.
  2. Traverses NAT devices and firewalls using a method similar to UDP hole punching. In short, it does not matter what sits between a user and the internet. It just works.
  3. Does not require configuration. A average user can have a VPN up and running in a couple of minutes.
  4. Supports all network traffic. Broadcast, Unicast, Multicast etc...
  5. It's free. No catches.

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