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?Torrent mUI is a mobile version of WebUI, that enables you control your torrents remotely from anywhere. It works on every mobile, including Opera Mini.

Free, fast and very useful.

Release Date: July 25, 2007

?Torrent mUI Webpage

Expected release near midnight Pacific Time GMT -8.UPDATE:u>[quot?Torrent mUI released - try it out!/b>

July 25, 2007

As promised, now enj:) :)

Free, fast, simple, no install, and for all you superstitious geeks, it's not affiliated with Bittorrent Inc. in any w:) :)

?Torrent mUI (mobileUI) is a plain-text mobile version of the WebUI with most of the important ?Torrent functions. You can start, pause, stop and monitor your downloads, and it also offers some additional info about every Torrent and a couple of settings.

* mUI requires a mobile with internet access and ?Torrent with WebUI enabled.

You can also use the amazing Opera Mini that works on any mobile with java.

And of course it works on iPhone, but not optimized for it yet'

To use ?Torrent mUI just visit with your mobile.

If for some reason your cellphone isn't identified by my script, you can force the ?Torrent mUI by going to this adress on your phone

There still might be some bugs i haven't found, if there is, please report it.

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When you say every mobile i get worried as i doubt it work on our british mobiles :p but i will give it a go!

Love uTorrent!!! best torrent program ever! long live torrents :p

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?Torrent mUI goes Open Source>

July 26, 2007

I decided to go Open Source after a person that helped me with a couple of bugs went mad and published a modified version of my code. Keep away from that code it's modified to send your info. My code is not like that, just check it out for yourself if you don't believe me:))

Download source

Good news if you want to customize.

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