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As requested by one or two forum members here - I'm creating this thread to allow more people to notice this program that allows you to add and edit information and BoxArt shown in your Vista Game Explorer (or VGE).

The most recent release of this program is VGEE Beta 2.15a - and you can get it from here

A few things to note:

* You can run this program in Windows Vista or 7. 32bit and 64bit versions have been tested. Non-English versions of Vista may have a few problems - but they can be corrected manually by altering the shortcut file by right-clicking an icon in the VGE and choosing Customise (after using VGEE).

* It is crucial that when you add or edit games in the editor, that you have your Game Explorer closed (not just minimized).

Note - the VGE is the Windows folder that shows you your games (accessible via Start-->Games)

the VGEE is my program which adds and edits games.

Please remember that the problems discussed in the first few pages of this thread refer to much earlier builds of this software and have been fixed.

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Great, at last I managed to add games with boxart

to edit existing ones to have boxart I just had to press "Add Game"insteadof update information.


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Can't seem to get it to work, gets some sort of error every time i try to add a game. something about its not being able to locate some sort of .jpg file..

Edit: Got it to work. I first dragged the .exe for the game i wanted into the games window, and i then opened up your program @Ryan R and used it to edit it. So far it seems to work fine. Dosen't seems like i have to use regedit or anything like that. Just dragging my game into the Games window, and then use your program to edit the details. Working great.

Thanks for this great program!

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Hmm i don't have any more games to start the VGEE with, so now everytime i edit/try to add a game it just overwrites a game which i have allready finished..

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There's a button bottom-right that says 'Find BoxArt' which links you to allgame.com

If you use IE7 then you can simply drag the boxart pic from IE into VGEE (this doesn't work in Firefox - nothing i can do abt that)

Truth of the matter is that you need at least one game that Vista automatically downloads info for (which you pick in the Wizard). VGEE prevents you from having to go through the labourious process of manually adding and editing games - no doubt saving hours of time for those with large game collections.

@shadow - do you have the latest version (2.08)? - You should be able to edit boxart by presing the update button

@Nitrius - VGEE detects games that have not been added to the VGE properly (ie - you dragged it into VGE & vista didn't find anything). If it does detect this - it'll delete the game and readd it properly. If you mucked around in regedit - then you increase the chances that VGEE won't make that detection.Also - can you clarify your 2nd post - overwritten games are supposed to be re-added to your VGE & remain the 'game to overwrite'.

If any bugs are found or you have suggestions pls post them here - thx.

I'll be fixing one small bug with deleting games son an will then release as 2.08a on my site (http:\\ryzza007.googlepages.com/vgee)

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Only way i'am able to add as many games as i want, is to use steam.

Because each time i add a new game with VGEE i have to close it and open it to add a new one, and before i do that i need to start steam once and close it down so that the Games get the info, then i start VGEE and i choose Steam again.

So far this is the only method i'am able to add as many games as i want..

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Same here.. somehow when VGEE starts, it can't find the games that Vista automatically sets-up.

(I'm not blaming the VGEE program, but I think I did some tinkering with the registry long time ago and it may cause Vista to stop "auto-detecting" the games :( bah)

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Try use this method to get everything fixed:

* Use VGEE to delete the games that you know Vista should add automatically.

* Navigate to C:\Program Files\...\FolderContainingAGameYouJustDeleted

* Drag the game exe file into your VGE (nothing will happen yet)

* Right click the game exe file and select Send To --> Desktop (Create Shorcut)

* If Vista is capable of finding info for that game - it will do so now

* Refresh the VGE (F5) until all the info is there.

* You'll now have 2 icons for the game. One has all the info - the other doesn't.

* Right-click the game with no info and choose 'Remove...'

* Delete the desktop shorcut you created

Repeat the process for all games that should be added automatically added.

(You must be on the internet to do this - also ensure your VGE Options are set to search online).

Open VGEE again. Click 'Load Game' - then choose 'Change VGEE Options'

All games that have been added automatically by Vista will be shown - choose one that will be your 'Game To Overwrite'.


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Wow.. comprehensive support :) Thanks, I'll try it later at home tonight

the games that you know Vista should add automatically.

mmm if I install a demo or a game, and it shows on the Vista Games Explorer, that will be "the games that I know Vista should add automatically", is that correct?

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LoL.. lucky I chose "Null vote" OOPS does that make you feel better or worse ^^

Does your title 'Neowinian Senior' mean you're experienced in using this site???

Or does it mean you can only use when wearing glasses LOL (no offence if you do wear them) :)

Releasing Beta 2.08a which fixes a few bugs found since releasing the last version. Get it here.

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Ugh.. I think I tinkered around the registry too much and completely mess up the VGE. Using VGEE, it doesn't detect those games at all. Look at my screenshot here:


The ones that Vista added automatically are the Company of Heroes, Command n Conquer 3 and the GRAW 2, but it didn't get shown in VGEE

Any other ideas to bring that games to be "detect"able by VGEE? :'( (not blaming your apps)

I thought I wanted to see other opinions before voting, so I "null" it.. alas, I forget that it submitted a null vote and you can't vote again..oops

I don't wear glasses amazingly, considering I've been in front of the computers since primary school +doing programming now :D

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You cannot edit files that has a ratings score. Yea I know it sucks.

Here is my game list. I re-edited all the box arts with the correct ESRB rating to my preference (256x256 box).


If you guys want some of the box arts i created, just post the game and I'll do my best to create one.

Edited by Vegtro
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I'm in Australia and none of my games have ratings at all. Which is why I haven't been able to make my app work with them in any way (of course - you can't choose your own ratings as they need to be digitally signed).

Try and create a new Windows account. Open VGE once - wait a few seconds, and then close it. Repeat this x3 untill all your 'auto-add' games get picked up with BoxArt, etc.

Now run VGEE as that user (you'll need to do the Wizard again) - and see if there are any improvements.

Quick reminder to make sure that when you use VGEE - you have your VGE closed completely - not doing so stuffs things up.

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@shadow - do you have the latest version (2.08)? - You should be able to edit boxart by presing the update button
well it did not wok, I've loaded the game and updated but it didn't show properly, after that I pressed ADD and it appeard so I deleted the one that was without the box anyway ...
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Great program, much better than having to do all of this manually! One question, is there a way to change the ESRB rating? Either through the program or manually, just trying to figure it out.

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No - it is impossible to change ratings yourself (manually or via a program) - as the ratings must be digitally signed by some organization.

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Excellent app; thanks for making this. Yours is the only tool which works for me.

Feature requests:

* Ability to toggle Vista's game detection on or off. Vista readds a game even if I just change the box art.

* Integration with the Games Explorer itself.

* Ability to back up and restore entries in the Games Explorer.

* Ability to delete - not just hide - the games which ship with Vista (Freecell, Hearts etc.) from the Games Explorer.

* Ability to add Game Saves folder info.

* It would be helpful if your app performed a search on allgames.com when a user clicks on "Find Box Art", using the text in the Title text box.

* Ability to edit product version. Most games claim to be, whether they're autodetected by Vista or added using your app.

* An installer.


* Instead of having to click "Load Game Information", how about a film strip down the left-hand side showing the icons or box art of games already in the Games Explorer?

* Placing "Change VGEE Options" on the main window instead of within the Select Game dialog.

Yeah, I'm asking for a lot. Just being able to toggle the game detection on and off would be nice...it'd be appreciated.


* I get an error if a game is auto-detected but Windows hasn't downloaded the metadata, because I'm offline. The error doesn't disappear unless Vista manages to download the box art: http://image.bayimg.com/eaejoaabl.jpg

* When offline, opening a game which uses box art pulled from the web results in an error, although VGEE functions as normal after the error: http://image.bayimg.com/paekgaabo.jpg

Again, great work on this program. My Games Explorer doesn't look like crap anymore. Finally, no more annoying American box art, and no more "FIFA Soccer 07". :|


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I got a problem with customizing VGE with the help of VGE Editor. If I open VGE while connected to internet, sooner or later Vista refreshes all the boxart and all the games I manually added have their boxart and all other info changed back to original. So I had like 15 Warcraft 3 boxarts.

There is a nice tool in a DirectX SDK. "Game Definition File Editor". It is theoretically possible to create the GDF files for those of the legacy games that are not supported by Vista. And even include Windows Experience ratings. The problem for me is that you have to compile a DLL after a project in GDF edtitor is complete and then make an installer which will install that GDF info into windows registry. It seems it is possible to make ANY game more "VGE friendly" with this tool, but it reqires some programming skills. So I'd appreciate a step-by-step explanation how to compile a dll from GDF editor projects and how to make an installer.

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