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How and when users collect and use updates/patches from microsoft or other sources and how users decide to store/package them is a human right and nothing to do with Microsoft
Human right? Get real...
All Microsoft will achieve is forcing this work like AP underground.
AutoPatcher is continuing completely above board still, as I've posted a few times in this thread - see the link in my signature.
OR.......... Is microsoft thinking of stealing AP and/or its code for itself...........hmmmm
I doubt very much so
I hope the TEAM is able to move forward after a rethink of strategy
They have, again see my signature.
PM me please - and sent me the link to get the latest updater and info." - Thanks

PM sent :) (although the link is also in my signature...)

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Its a shame that the Microsoft personel cant find better things to occupy their time as this seems to have been an excellent piece of kit!!

I am too late to know what it was like though so no loss to me!

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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 13:05:36 +0000 (GMT)

From: "mathew lisett" <> View Contact Details View Contact Details

Subject: RE:'RTCProd=015-875-504'

To: "Microsoft Contact US" <>

I truly believe along with so many others that what you are doing (and you have only just done it as you had supported them over the years) is a really bad move, these people with this product is actually helping your product get to so many others in the sense of having further enjoyment in your product.

I can not understand why you are not actually embracing this item and the team being it so that you product can thrive, why not state on your site that here is a product which can help you along ut at any time anything goes wrong wit your system using this product is totally up to the client and Microsoft have no responsibility when that happens.

Microsoft Contact US <> wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for contacting us about AutoPatcher.

I would like to provide you with more information on our position.

It is our policy that the distribution of supplemental code such as hotfixes, security updates, and service packs is discouraged. This policy is in place due to concern for the safety and security of our customers, as we can only guarantee the download’s contents when it comes from a Microsoft web site. Distribution of these materials without permission is also an infringement of our copyright.

We try and contact anyone who is in violation of our policy as soon as we can, once we are aware of what they are doing. AutoPatcher is not the only company we have contacted.

We recommend that our customers sign up for Microsoft Update (MU) and enable Automatic Update functionality to receive all updates directly from us. In addition, we have enterprise services such as Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) that we recommend our enterprise customers to use.

We provide this guidance as it is common to see email scams encouraging people to download our latest patches, but the URL takes them to sites where they are actually exposed to malware. In order to ensure that customers are getting actual Microsoft updates and not malware, we recommend customers get their updates directly from us.

I hope this information has answered your query, but if you have any more questions please give us a call on 0870 60 10 100. The lines are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If you still have any more questions, please reply to this email.

Many thanks for contacting us.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Professional

Microsoft Customer Services

Protect Your PC: Microsoft recommends that you protect your PC from Viruses and Security threats. Please visit our website and follow the steps to stay secure.

-----Original Message-----

From: (

Date: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 06:54 AM

To: CS (




Country/Region: United Kingdom



Ref URL:

O/S: aol 9.0

O/S Lang: en-us

Br: msie 7.0

Br lang: en-gb




I feel amongst others that I need to express my concern over the reaction of Miscrosoft with Autopatcher, and the reason i say this is due to the fact that if it wasn't for the team that developed and kept the software storng over the few years there would be many system not protected due to the way updates are installed and updated AWAY from autopatcher, with this software have a talent bunch of developers that have enables users of all types to download the latest pack from the site which involves all the updates from microsoft plus little tricks of the trade of which are basically the same as n many famous and popular pc magazines... yet i dont see them being told to stop publication becuase of their help with the smoothness and operation of your XP software. Autopatcher is a well known peice of software that makes many users lifes very easy and lot less stressful when doign a format or simply updating their system, not having to see their system reboot every update or having to wait 8 hours untill the 1/2 updates are done, with this software which I have been relaibley told you actually supported and gave the developers freedom and free will to actually have the go ahead for matter of years with this software the updates and tweaks are done without any hacks (of which if there were any your WGA would have spotted the illegal operating systems anyway) within a space of 2 hours, even on a slow system like a amd64 3200, I recently did my updates with an old (i say old it was infact the very last update pack they did before being told of legal action via email from you) and on my quad core system took less than 30 minutes, but yet if i was to do my system even the quad core system with the updates from the site ie the MS site it would have taken a few hours and many many reboots later.

Please re consider your actions, this team have in no way attempted to damage your product , in fact they have helped it in many ways with keeping your cusotmers happy. and they havent supplied "cracks or patches" to increase the amont of pirated software that the WGA was out for. Infact why dont you even allow them to help you and identify issues, and even advertise them on your site , work together even. WHY attack a team of experinced developers when all they have done for years is infact helped one of the biggest companies in the world possibly grow further.

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