Blog Spam - Don't do it. Use original source!

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Just a heads up/reminder...

This PM is a good example of what has been happening lately with blog spam.

whats wrong with linking to a blog???

People link news to,, MSBlog, all the time, and thats a blog as well you know...

I dont get it...

Because they write their own stories... you just copy and paste + source it...

Once you come up with original content and create your own articles then you can post them... but don't expect to generate hits by posting your blog full of copy and pasted news.



Remember... posting a link to your blog with sourced news instead of your own original content is prohibited. Anymore issues and you will be banned and your site added to our spam list.


If you find news and want to post it here... just post the news with the orignal source and don't use your blog as a middle man to generate hits. Doing so will get you a warn.

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