(australian) Democrats MySpace page pulled


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australia has a federal election on the 24th so i was readineg the abc.net.au election website and came across this article.

Democrats MySpace page pulled

The Young Democrats say their election MySpace page has been deleted.

The Democrats candidate for the Melbourne seat of Isaacs, Laura Chipp, says the party's youth wing had spent a year building up the site and recruiting about 400 friends to help with their campaign.

She says the only explanation they have got from Myspace is a generic alert that the site would have been deleted for spamming.

"It's quite interesting because we were way under the spam quota, so we're not sure," he said.

"We think it's a bit suspicious that someone may have hacked into the site and deleted it, we're not sure who or how but its gone, so it's given us a huge blow for the election."

Source: abc.net.au

All i have to say is LOL!

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Meh.. [Dr.Cox]Ladies and gentleman.. look to your left.. <------ yep look at that.. Man Not caring.[/Dr.Cox]

A year to build up the site?.. I think you mean to use crappy profile glitter... this article is very sugarcoated.

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If the deletion of a MySpace page gave them a huge blow to their election they have quite bigger problems than a website. :p

indeed! i just find it funny that they are surprised that they're page got deleted, they were clearly spamming, they admit it too!

i recall hitting the report spam and report abuse button's on myspace a few time's because of there spam!

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