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Microwave oven in Space?


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Hi has anyone ever come across an video or an animation of some kind of consumer goods floating in space?

It's just an idea I've had. I have been having a little fun chopping up Stanley Kubrick's classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, where in the opening scenes the ape/man/early primate smashes up some bones and then throws one of the bones into the air. This then fades to the scene of the cartwheel space station in space etc.

Clearly the point of this is that the natural progression of the human species will always lead him to higher and better things.

Instead though I would like to replace this scene with a scene perhaps showing a microwave oven (and/or) a TV dinner floating in space (or something similar), which will (as well as being quite funny) serve to replace this idea with the thought that perhaps he true progress of man is towards less thought, more convenience and less effort.

But I'm damned even if it is a good idea if I know where I can even get any kind of video footage like that - or if I can't how I can make it?

I am doing it for a presentation - but sadly my budget doesn't stretch quite as far as putting an actual microwave oven in space (or other consumer item) and filming it.

Maybe an advert or something like that has been made in the past? (Or as I said, maybe there's an easy way to make it?)

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