[Ultimate Fighter] Team Forrest vs Team Rampage

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He's such a jackass.. i'm glad he's gone. He was a decent fighter... but i think either of the 2 finalists could have beaten him anyway. I like Amir.. he reminds me so much of Forrest when he was on TUF1. C.B can be so arrogant sometimes.. and although he's got alot of talent he's got to work his ass off on cardio, cause both of his last fights he was exposed for being gassed in the 2nd round.

I disagree. Although I didn't like Jesse's actions, he would have killed the others in the final. Sure his stand up maybe not good, or his ground game may not be either, but in the last matches that he's had, he took out people with just brute strength. These people were jiu-jitsu specialists but couldn't control him. Although the final would also have been a boring mat struggle if he was in there.

But I am pleased, that Amir is in there. Looks like a nice bloke and has got heart and a good chin. I wouldn't be surprised if he kicks C.B.'s ass again and wins it.

EDIT: LOL! And did anyone see the similiarities between Amir's* and Forrest's* win celebration? When they played them together, I started laughing.

*Amir's win against C.B. and Forrest's against Shogun.

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Heh. :laugh:

Good one though, Amir deserved it. First he took out Matt Brown, when I didn't think he would. Then he takes out C.B., again when I had a little doubt he would.

Guy's a warrior.

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I dunno about Kendall. If he is really training with BJ, and has matured in the same kind of way, he could go far. He really impressed me in that fight vs Tanner though.

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