EURO 2008 odds?

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hakan yakin

eren derdiyok

gokhan inler of switzerland

all have turkish parents.

but they live in switzerland.

hakan yakin wanted to play in the turkish national team but could not find a place for himself in the team. before the tournament he asked blessings to his mother saying if he can play against turkey and would it be alright.

gokhan inler should have played in turkey but what a big mistake by turkish officials. they could not see him being a great player and never invited him to the national team. the guy told turkish television live after swiss turkey game that he had a huge turkish flag in his bedroom.

ok well also andorra is not in europe. but turkey is in this world.

any competitor in the world cup has a chance of winning the competition.

also i wonder if andorran ambassadors wrote a letter to European Union for their inclusion to europe.

anyone recall it?

i dont.

Of course they will have a flag of Turkey, they were born there. I don't see what you are trying to prove by stating such a thing. That's like saying Podolski and Klose have a Polish flag in their rooms. That is not surprising because they are native Polish.

Andorra is not in Europe? Weird, last time I checked, they played in the Euro 2008 qualifying groups and last time I checked my geographical map, they were located near France, which is closer to Europe than Turkey is. Oh, and if you doubt it, here's a map for you.

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