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Analog to Digital through MiniDV


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I have a bunch of old Hi8 tapes that need transfer to the computer, and was wondering how the analog to digital conversion would go with my ZR85 Canon MiniDV camcorder. I know it is capable of doing a a/v passthrough but how do the cables work to make that happen?

The composite OUTPUT on the Hi8 camcorder have male ends, correct? And the cables that come with the MiniDV camcorder are male composite as well... so how am I supposed to hook up the Hi8 composite output to the MiniDV input? Is there special cables you need or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot guys!

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possible solutions:

1. special cable that acts as an adapter

2. adapter

3. bring your tapes to a professional video editing workshop/store/studio (there are many in my city) and ask them to do the job

4. dail the Canon customer hotline.

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MiniDV uses a IEEE1394 FW connection right?

Connect your Hi8 camcorder into your MiniDV camcorder via composite (which are female btw on the device), then the MiniDV cam via FW to your PC and do it that way (Y)

So Hi8 camcorder composite output into MiniDV camcorder composite inputs and then output via FW ;)

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