'Gentleman thief' suspect arrested

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MILAN, Italy, Nov. 24 (UPI) -- Police in Milan, Italy, said they have arrested a suspected "gentleman thief" who took care not to frighten bank staff or children during his alleged heists.

Investigators said Carmelo Balzari, 33, was arrested at a Milan hotel during the weekend after he allegedly robbed 10 banks over the course of two months, ANSA reported Monday.

Officers said the "gentleman thief" would wait until all children had exited the bank before executing his robberies and took care not to upset clerks. Police said the alleged "sharply dressed and softly spoken" thief once gave up on a robbery after a bank manager reacted "too sharply."

"He was a real gentleman, a kind you don't often see anymore," :unsure: a police officer said of the suspect.


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